Fighting Levelling since 1209

„Cambridge and Oxford enjoy a prestige which is not shared by any other universities and approached perhaps only by Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. This is due partly to their antiquity, but that attribute is shared by a great many universities from Uppsala to Coimbra; it is not due to their standard of learning, which is higher in many other universities. It is due very largely to their expensiveness, for despite scholarships and state-aid, Cambridge and Oxford still remain the home of privilege, where the man of moderate means has endless advantages over the man with no private means at all. […] The two universities do not live only on the fact of  privilege, nor do they exist only for those who are privileged by birth or income. But they do exist very largely on and for those, and are among the few places now left in a world of Levelling, where inequality is given proper recognition.“

– John Steegmann, Cambridge: As it was and as it is to-day, 1940

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